Reversible Pencil Skirt Tutorial

A few days ago I made this cute Patterns For Pirates Pencil Skirt. I had the Aztec fabric on hand (from a sale from Girl Charlee) but it was really thin and needed to be lined for a tight fitting skirt. I hate to waste fabric for something that won’t be seen, so I decided to make the skirt reversible! I bought some black knit from Joann’s to coordinate with the Aztec.


Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own skirt reversible! Use the Pirate Pencil Skirt or other patterns for full sewing instructions.  (This is a self drafted 9 month size pattern)

Cut two skirts out of coordinating fabrics and one waistband. (Remember the waistband will be the same for BOTH sides so make sure they coordinate!)

Sew up the sides of the skirts. Sew the side of the waistband and fold in half.

Press your hem lines, but don’t sew them yet!


Turn ONE skirt right side out. Leave the other one wrong sides out.


Grey is right side out. Pink is wrong side out. 

Place the right side out (grey) skirt inside the wrong side out (pink) skirt so that right sides are together.


Sandwich the waistband IN BETWEEN the two skirts. With raw edges up.


Remember the waistband is folded in half so it has two layers to sew and has no “wrong” or “right” sides.


Line up all the edges and pin them together matching side seams and centers. I suggest putting the seam of the waistband at the center back since you won’t have an “inside” to hide a tag showing which side is back/front when you wear it.

Sew the layers together.

Pull the inside skirt (grey) out. Now you should see the waistband sewn on both sides in between the skirt layers. (Pic on left shows top of waistband pushed to the right. Pic on right shows top of waistband pushed to the left.)


Hem each skirt separately. It is important to make sure your hems are the same width so that the bottom skirt doesn’t hang out below the top skirt when you wear it.

Hold the waistband and tuck one skirt inside the other.

You are done! Rock that skirt with pride!



Elephant Baby Blanket

My little guy is obsessed with his Minky Giraffe blanket I made him when he was a baby. He drags that thing all over even though it is heavy and he can barely pull it off his bed by himself.  With a baby brother on the way I knew Decker wasn’t about to share his blanket, so it was a good excuse to make a new one for the baby. I decided to use the same pattern, but wanted a different animal. My mother-in-law and I searched many stores trying to find cute Minky, and when I saw this elephant print I knew this is exactly what I wanted to use.

I drew up the elephant in the center basing my pattern off the elephants in the fabric. I used heavy weight yarn for the ear and tail and a big button for the eye to help give the elephant more dimension.


My house (and my mother-in-laws) are now covered in minky fluff, but I love how this blanket turned out and can’t wait to use it! Now I just have to convince Decker it isn’t a new one for him…..

Stained Glass Rainbow Quilt

I am so excited to FINALLY have this done! Over two years ago I saw this quilt on Pinterest and knew I needed to make one. I figured it would be a simple way to use up a bunch of my scraps. I needed specific colors to make the shading of the rainbow work and I soon found myself surrounded by 3 times as many scraps as I had started with, after raiding my mom’s stash (not a good way to USE UP fabric!). I decided to not only have my quilt move through the rainbow colors, but through different shades as well.


This project soon turned into something more than just a scrap buster. As I put my colored squares together in rainbow form I started thinking about rainbows and what they symbolize. Most of the time I think of rainbows as the reward at the end of the storm. AFTER the rain comes the rainbow. AFTER our trials come the reward and blessings. But have you ever seen a rainbow DURING the rain? These are by far my favorite. The ones that color the sky while it is STILL raining. The ones that give you courage and the strength to keep going, despite the hardships you are facing. I knew that this encouragement and love from our Heavenly Father is what I wanted to show in my quilt.


I added a light grey border and a dark grey border to the quilt. For me this shows the rainbow shining THROUGH the storm. As I look at the different shades of the quilt going from light colors in one corner to dark colors in the other, I think about the blessings amidst our trials. Sometimes they are bright and easy to recognize, and sometimes they seem dark and hard to decipher in the storm. But they are always there if we are just willing to look.


I bound the quilt with a gold fabric. To be simple, this could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But it also represents the reward we receive after we make it through the storms of our life. The pot of gold my not be immediate. It may not be something we receive in this life. But it WILL come. And it will be WORTH IT!


I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. I know that at times, the storms of our life may seem like more than we can bare. But, I know that Jesus Christ understands what we are going through and that if we trust in him we can more easily see the blessings amidst our trials. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and for a loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ so that we can be forgiven of our sins and find comfort in our trials. And I am grateful for my trials. Though they may not be easy I know that this is Gods plan and that he will strengthen me.


Jot Magazine January Mood Board

When I saw Jot Magazine’s January Mood Board I was instantly in love. I love the modern-antique feel that the board has and the colors seem perfect for January. COPYJanuary-2016-Kim-Archer

As I was searching through my pictures to find the perfect one, this one of Decker caught my eye and I knew it would be perfect.


Growing up I was all about tea-parties, fancy dishes, and elegant desserts. (Ok I never grew out of it….) Although tea-parties may not be a little boys favorite activity, taking him out for dessert gets me pretty close. I wanted to document this photo using a tea-party feel without making the page super feminine.


Having some journaling on the the page is important to me, but I wanted the focus to stay on the photo. I wrote behind the photo perpendicular to the page so that the journaling is there, but doesn’t stand out.


I added buttons, rub-ons, twine, pop-up stickers, and wood shapes to embellish the page. I love how this turned out! I feel like my pages turn out so much better when I have a challenge and a direction than when I try and just get them in the book! I can’t wait for next months mood board!

Memory Planner

I hate writing in a traditional journal. If you were to read my journal you would see 3 or 4 pages spanning a 5 year period and only covering major events. However I do believe in preserving my memories and having something to show my children and grandchildren. I have always been a big scrapbooker and used that as a way to “journal” my life events, but even that only covers events worthy of a camera.


This past year I discovered the concept of a “memory planner”. The basic concept is using a planner to document your everyday life. This past year I used the Heidi Swapp Black and White Memory Planner 2015. My favorite part is that each day has a small section to write in. This obligates me to write something small everyday. It’s a small enough section to document, but not daunting enough to be overwhelmed by. And you know what, I wrote EVERYDAY this year! Pretty impressive compared to my “journal”.


Use different sized pens , washi tape, and stickers to add variety and decorate your pages.


My memory planner consists of the silly things Decker does each day. The toy he wouldn’t put down, the silly sentence he tried to say, the simple acts of kindness shown. The memories we forget to appreciate.


I make a collage of all my phone pics at the end of the month, this way I can remember all the fun pics I took, even if I know some of them will never end up my my scrapbbook.


I love that this planner has space at the beginning of each month for your favorite pics!


Not only has using a memory planner helped me document my life, it has also helped me better myself. As I write a few sentences each night I look back on what I accomplished that day and what I can do to become better. Not everyday is happy with sunshine and rainbows, but reviewing each day individually has helped me focus on the positive things in my life.


These calendar pages have room for a quote, goals, and big events that will be coming up. A perfect place to add inspiring words and reevaluate what you want to accomplish.


Now I personally love all things Heidi Swapp, so I chose to use her planners. I even found a 2015 Hello planner at the Scrapbook Warehouse in Orem for $5!!! And since you fill in the dates you can use it for ANY year! So of course I jumped on that deal and will be using it for 2016. Because as cute as her new white and gold polka-dot planner is, $5 is much more budget friendly than $40.

But, if Heidi Swapp and cute crafty things aren’t your style, you can use ANY type or size of planner out there! You can even use this concept on your phone. I know there are lots of planner type apps, but for me having a hard copy makes me feel more obligated to write in it everyday.

So however you chose to preserve your DAILY memories, find what works for you and document it!

Happy 2016!

Jot Magazine Challenge

I love the freedom of creativity. I love to be able to take any elements I want and create something amazing from them. But I also like the challenge a direction can give you. Whether its trying to recreate a design with your own personal touch, using specific elements in your design, or following a set color scheme, having a direction can bring something new to your creativity. You have to think harder, focus more, and still be creative as you follow the direction you have chosen.

I recently discovered Jot Magazine, an online magazine and blog about paper crafting and memory keeping. Each month they have a mood board challenge and their team members are invited to create something using the given color scheme. The best part is that they invite their readers to submit a craft using the mood board and there are prizes for the winners of the challenge! And who doesn’t love prizes!


I love the colors of the December mood board! They are so modern and fun and I knew exactly what picture I wanted to scrapbook with them.


Although I originally viewed the mood board colors as fierce and bold, I realized that I needed to soften them and make them more elegant for the feel I wanted for my page.


To create this page I called my mom and mother-in-law begging for specific supplies, as much as I love to create amazing things I don’t always have the budget for the supplies I want :(. Thankfully between the three of us I was able to gather everything I needed.

I started by cutting gold paper into three 1″ strips. I glued them to my background paper 1 1/4″ apart. (I ended up switching the side my gold stripes were on half way through the layout.)412

Since I was following a color scheme I needed to make sure all my embellishments were a specific shade and color. Since I couldn’t find exactly what I needed I added Distress Ink to my flowers and doilies to get the color I was going for. I love how the sponged ink gives them a more watery look, helping them represent a more murky lake feel.

I cut out two swans and the title with my Silhouette Cameo. (I am loving that thing!)

I double backed my 5×7 picture in the brighter pink and white. I had wanted to use all the colors from the mood board, but the brighter pink was to strong. Showing only a small amount of it behind my picture allowed me to use it without it being overbearing.

I attached all the flowers with small black jeweled brads. I hot-glued some white feathers behind my swans to give my page that soft elegant look and represent the ballet a little better.

I love how this page turned out and can’t wait for next months challenge!


Silhouette Cameo Deal!

I have been wanting the Silhouette Cameo forever! But I could never justify getting one. My sister had one, but then she moved to New Zealand. Then I was busy with school. Then I got married and my mother-in-law has a Cricut she lets me use and even let me borrow her mini one. (I couldn’t justify $300 compared to free) And it just never seemed like the right time or the right price to buy one. But I finally decided that I am ready for one.

I have been saving up and scouring the internet for a good discount and I finally found one! had the Silhouette Cameo bundle +Bonus $25 Gift Card + Heat Transfer Kit + accessories for only $199!!!! That is a killer deal! It was a “Doorbuster” that lasted a few weeks but unfortunately it looks like it is over. However right now it is only $209! Still an amazing deal! (Seriously check it out if you have been wanting one!)

The one problem I noticed is that the software that comes with the Silhouette from is not the updated version. I tried to purchase some designs from the software I had downloaded and completely panicked when it told me it was “corrupted” and other scary computer words. I went into immediate panic mode and stared at my husband with the look of “the computer is being smarter than me and I don’t know what to do!” Thankfully he is a computer genius and calmly told me to check the Silhouette website and see if there was an update (duh!). I updated the software and everything works perfectly now! (yay!)

I can’t wait to start creating AMAZING things with this! Now I just need to face my fears of Photoshop so I can create my own designs….