Glimmered Creations

I love to sew, design, and create. I am inspired by ballets, fairy-tales, and runways. I love anything that’s pink, has glitter, or is completely girly. I can also turn this mindset completely around and create something that is “all boy”, especially now that we have a little boy on the way! This blog is my way of sharing my dreams and creations with others. I will be participating in “sew-along’s”, trying new patterns, designing new outfits, and more! Some will be for my friends children and some will be for myself, but other outfits will be for sale. I will be launching my first line in October so keep your eye out for elegant high-end coats and dresses for this Christmas season!

I have been sewing since I was 8 years old. I have always loved sharing this hobby with my mom as she taught me everything she knew. With her help I have created outfits to compete in sewing/modeling competitions and increase my love for fashion. She has also taught me how to alter clothing to fit my style. Recently she helped me add on to a wedding dress I found. We were able to make the dress be what I wanted and have more meaning to me on my wedding day.


Special thanks to Katie Gundersen Photography for the amazing photos!


I hope you all enjoy seeing the creations that I dream up and bring to life.


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