Project Run and Play

Project Run and Play is a place where bloggers can compete and show off their sewing skills. They choose designers to compete in weekly challenges and readers vote on the best outfit. Designers are voted off until you are left with a winner.

The other great part about this is the sew-alongs! Other designers are able to design along with the contestants to show off their creativity and run for a chance of being a contestant in the next season. This season I have decided to participate in the sew-alongs to share with everyone my skill and love for sewing.

To help my creativity and design skills I have set basic rules for my self: 1.) I have to use supplies I have on hand. My husband will attest that I have no shortage of fabric, but this does give me the challenge of having to make my own trims such as piping and bias tape. 2. I have to do my own photography. Having a sister for a photographer, I’ve never cared to learn how to take decent pictures. But with her living in New Zealand I decided now is a perfect time to learn the basics and and least not be embarrassed of the pics I post on my blog. 3. I can’t use a pattern for the whole outfit I design. I can use parts of patterns, or use a pattern for some of the outfit, but at least half of it has to be my own creativity and design.

Keep your eyes out on Monday for my first project and be sure to keep following me if you love my designs! (And be sure to go vote for the actual contestants cuz they do some awesome work!)


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