Project Run and Play week 1

Here it is! My first pattern remix for Project Run and Play.


For the remix I decided to try out some new stitches with my new sewing machine (thanks mom!) and use some heirloom techniques to give the dress texture. I added width to the front piece of the dress and length to the front and back for the heirloom pin-tucks. I added a matching band to the bottom of the dress to help tie in the white accenting and to show of the cute bows that my machine can do. (My husband was concerned that everything I sew will now have cute little bows, but I assured him my machine does 100 fancy stitches, so there will be more than just bows!)


I loved participating in this pattern remix and getting to add my creativity and design to someone else’s great pattern.


I also loved working with this sweet girl and improving my photography skills (ok so I couldn’t figure out the camera and had it on manual the whole time, but at least I tried!) This sweet girl has such a great personality and listened well as long as fruit snacks were involved!


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11 thoughts on “Project Run and Play week 1

    • Thanks! I just got the Melody by Baby Lock and I love it! I have been using my husbands Cannon Rebel, he gave me lessons, but with the difference in lighting between our apartment and outdoors I guess I didn’t understand the ISO part of things! Thank goodness for auto!


  1. Very pretty. I love the simplicity but also fanciness of this remix. Did you use a walking foot to do the decorative stitches. The problem I have always had with my machine is that the decorative stitches don’t come out even but yours are beautiful.


  2. I have so much fun playing with the decorative stitches on my machine–although mine was my grandma’s machine from the ’70’s so it doesn’t have nearly as many options! I love the one you chose–a perfect accent to the sweet dress!


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