Project Run and Play week 2!

This week the theme at Project Run and Play is “Candy Inspired Looks”. For this week I got inspired by the colors and textures of candy and their wrappers.


I made bubble-gum pink leggings out of a soft stretchy knit. For the top I made a loose-fitting sweatshirt out of a navy sweatshirt knit. I edged the sleeves and neck line with pink ruffles to give it that “candy wrapper” feel.


I made pom-pom style accents out of sparkly teal fabric and purple and yellow rosettes with yellow toole ends to look like pieces of candy across the sweatshirt.


I loved being able to use my creativity on this weeks theme and to be inspired by something delicious as sugar 🙂

We had a lot of fun with this shoot, but this little girl was way more interested in dancing and looking at leaves than she was in being photographed! Image


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