Project Run and Play week 3

It is “Mad for Plaid” over at Project Run and Play this week! I had some fun pink plaid tucked away in my stash and thought it would be perfect for a school-girl inspired look. I also had some silky/satiny white fabric I knew would be perfect for a blouse.


For the blouse I used the Molly Schoolgirl Blouse from Peekaboo Pattern shop. I made my own piping and bias tape from a grey stretch suiting that I also had tucked away in my stash. I accented the shirt with some fun handmade wooden buttons that I found in my button jar. (This all helped me stick to my rules I had established here.)


I designed the schoolgirl style skirt on my own. I knew I wanted pleats, suspenders, and a high waist. I cut out a rectangle about twice the width of my models waist and ironed pleats across 3/4 of the fabric. Then I sewed my two sides together, added a yoke piece on top with piping in the middle to coordinate with the blouse. I put elastic in the back to make it easy to get on without ruining the high-waisted look in the front. I cris-crossed some straps in the back for suspenders and attached them to the front with white buttons.


The suspenders and elastic keep the skirt in place for dancing and spinning…. or running away from the camera 🙂 And the pleats make it great for twirling around!

I added my signature clothing label to the yoke of the skirt so its easily seen without distracting from the whole outfit!


I had a lot of fun designing this outfit and combining patterns with my own designs. This sweet girl had fun dancing around for the camera, although holding still wasn’t what she had planned for the day.


I guess you get to make those decisions when its your Birthday, you’re 3, and there are doughnuts inside…..



3 thoughts on “Project Run and Play week 3

  1. I love the pink plaid it was a great choice for this dress. Took me a min to figure out where to click to leave a comment lol. I’m so used to looking at the bottom of the page. Anyhow this look is great in my opinion 🙂


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