Project Run and Play final week

For the final week of Project Run and Play the theme is “Your Signature Look”. I was so excited to start creating my project for this week. I love the freedom to completely do my own thing, show off my skills, and share my passion.

As a little girl my mom got a group of girls and their moms together to all go see the Nutcracker. We got dressed up, went out to dinner, and then went to the ballet. I was entranced by the whole thing. I love nothing more than dressing up, and being able to put on the fanciest of dresses to go to the ballet was my dream. Because “when you’re on that stage, nothing else matters.” Even now today I love getting all dressed up to go watch Ballet West, oh how I would love to get season tickets every year!

ballet Collage

I am inspired by ballet. Whether I am on the stage or in the audience I feel that passion and inspiration. I love the passion the dancers express to the audience, the intricate costumes and textures they have, the grace and beauty of the dancers, the music, the story, the shoes and ribbons…. ahh I could go on and on!

So now, when I am in a creating rut, need inspiration, or just getting ready to start a new project I turn to ballet. So for me it was obvious that I needed to make a ballet inspired outfit. I rummaged through my fabric stash and found the perfect fabrics. A maroon wool for a jacket and lots of different fun textured fabrics in cream and gold for the dress. I sat with my notebook in the middle of this array of fabrics and began to draw. I wanted something perfect for going to the ballet that was inspired by the details of ballet without just making a tutu.

I finally came up with the perfect outfit.

ballet 1

ballet 3

The top of the dress is gathered to give it body and texture. It ties around the neck with a thin piece of ribbon. The back is shirred to make it easy to get on and off and to offer growing room. The skirt is made up of different sections from multiple fabrics and textures. Once piece has soft chiffon cascading ruffles. Another has crisp silk dupioni horizontal ruffles. The back piece is a shimmering gold topped with cream lace. This piece has small pick ups to show the fabrics underneath. This piece was literally inspired by the stage curtains. The bottom is a bubble skirt to provide full body for the dress.

ballet 5

The deep maroon of the jacket provides a perfect contrast to the light colors of the dress. The jackets clean lines keep it from overpowering the different textures and volume of the dress while the lace and ribbon trim help tie it in as an outfit perfectly.

ballet 2

This dress truly represents my love and passion for ballet, designing, fashion, sewing, and all things girly.

ballet 4

Now, I just need to figure out how to use this ballet inspiration to start designing for our future baby boy…..


6 thoughts on “Project Run and Play final week

  1. I love ballet! I few years ago I had the privilege to watch the Bolshoi Theater perform the Nutcracker and the Swan Lake. It was majestic. I can totally relate to getting all dressed up to go watch ballet. Great dress! Love the jacket. You girl is a cutie!


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