Maxi skirts

After making a cute baby outfit and realizing knits weren’t so bad, I decided to work on some maxi skirts. I found this cute fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics. They seriously have the cutest knits and have lots of different knit blends depending on what it is you plan to make.

I hate maternity pants, but have always loved wearing skirts. So I decided that I would make some simple skirts that would continue to fit as my belly grows instead of having to by maternity pants. Hopefully between skirts and belly bands I will never have to buy maternity pants….but we will see. I want these skirts to fit throughout my whole pregnancy and be able to wear them after so yoga waist bands and thick elastic were definitely a high priority.

maxi 1


maxi 4

I based my pattern off of skirts I already had and different tutorials from Pinterest. I love how easy maxi skirts are to make, you cut out an A-line shape, sew up the sides, add some type of waist band, and your done! My husband was impressed by how quickly I made two skirts, but if he knew the truth of how easy they are he might take back his compliments… 🙂

For the first skirt I used a fun green and black chevron.

maxi 7

Instead of doing the standard yoga waistband I used wide black elastic. This fits perfectly under my baby bump and stretches enough to give this baby lots of room to grow.

maxi 9

For the second skirt I used a super soft grey and pink striped knit.

maxi 11

So the skirts wouldn’t look the same I put a yoga waistband on this one. I love how I can pull the waist band up over my belly or fold it down over my hips.

maxi 11

I am so excited to wear these skirts and am so tempted to make a bunch more!



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