Monster Jacket

Oh my… this outfit is my new favorite thing 🙂 It just makes me happy to look at!

I was glancing through the remnant bin at Joann’s the other day and found this cute grey sweatshirt knit. It was just the perfect amount to make a cute sweatsuit for baby boy, so of course I had to buy it. When I got home I looked through my scraps to see what I had to spice up the plain grey fabric. I saw the scraps from my green and black maxi skirt and had the perfect inspiration!

monster 1

I based the jacket off of my pajama pattern from Peek-a-boo pattern shop. I just cut the pattern where the waist would hit and put in a separating zipper and added a knit band at the bottom to tie it in with the knit bands at the neck and sleeves.

monster 5

For the sweat pants I based my design on a leggings pattern. I widened the legs since sweatshirt knit isn’t as stretchy as other knits, and so they looked more like comfy sweat pants. I put a knit band at the bottom of the legs to tie it in with the sweatshirt.

monster 4

Once this was all done I started my favorite part…. the applique on the back. I drew up the picture I wanted, cut out pieces of scraps, sewed them on to the sweatshirt, and ended up with this…..

monster 2

Isn’t this just the cutest little monster!? I can not wait to put this outfit on my baby boy!

monster 3


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