Boys Suit Pattern Review

I am addicted to patterns. I see a new one and immediately think “I have to have that!” One thing I love most about patterns is that you can do so much with them. You can make the same outfit with different fabrics and trims and they look like totally different outfits! So I think its fun when people do pattern reviews. This way you can see a variety of looks from different patterns and get new fun ideas. So I have decided to start doing a series of Pattern Reviews!

The first pattern I want to talk about is the Little Gentleman’s Pants and Vest, and Suit Jacket from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. This is two separate patterns but they go together so I am going to feature them as one.

First of all I think Peek-a-Boo patterns are so easy to follow! They are PDF patterns with great instructions and pictures. And if you have any questions you can just email them and they will clarify things for you!


The first outfit I made from these patterns was for my nephew to wear to my wedding. I made the suit from a dark grey suiting and the vest from silky pink dupioni (I think).

My nephew is very tall and skinny for his age so I added a few inches to the pants and jacket to give him some growing room.


I love that the pattern shows you how to do welt pockets. These are fake pockets to give the suit a  more professional look. The pants have welts in the back, but real pockets on the side, which is so necessary for little boys who pick up EVERYTHING! The jacket has a breast welt and two from lower welts. The jacket and vest are both fully lined and you could actually make the vest reversible if you wanted. To give the outfit and even more professional look I added nice buttons. I think buttons and trim can give your outfit that extra “stand-out” factor to change it from “oh thats cute” to “WOW”!

jack in vest

Hes kind of a little stud 🙂

The next outfit I made from this pattern was for my Christmas Line I am selling in my Etsy boutique. To match with the colors I was using for the girls outfits, I made this suit jacket from a tan pin-striped suiting and the pants from navy suiting.


I didn’t make a vest this time. I made this pattern according to the measurement charts, but the suit jacket sleeves were to short on my little model. (Thanks to Photoshop my photographer was able to fix this for my pics!) Like my nephew, my model is a very tall kid. So I don’t know if these sleeves fit fine on most children, but as I continue to use this pattern I think i will ALWAYS add an inch or two to the sleeve and pant length.


Besides the length of the sleeves, I think this is a great pattern set and can’t wait to make suits for my baby boy! Part of me won’t even care when he grows out of them since it will give me an excuse to make another one!


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