Whats been going on….

It has been a while since I did a real post. Its not because I haven’t been working on projects, but because I do not love photography. I forget to stop and take pictures of what I am working on. Partly because I am so busy working on the project, and partly because I don’t get excited about taking pictures that I know won’t be all that fantastic.

But… with a new baby almost here, this blog, and sew-alongs, I have decided that I NEED to improve my photography skills. So I promise to keep the camera out where I can see it so that I will remember to use it.

Now, for the next big thing…. Project Run and Play season 8 has just been announced. If you don’t remember this is a sewing competition where different designers show off their work, but they also let other designers sew along and post their work for others to see. Here is the link to my final project from season 7 .

edit 1

edit 8

5 wk 3

ballet 1

I loved sewing along and challenging my creativity, but this season is from January 13- February 3…. right after the baby is due….making it more difficult to participate. However, the themes have been announced, so I could hurry and design everything now and then just post it as the weeks come up. I would have to use cute models again since my baby wouldn’t be born, and newborns are the best for photographing clothing, they are much cuter naked 🙂

So, as I deeply contemplate this season, work on my photography skills, and keep making new things, I will try to remember to write new posts to keep you all updated on what is going on!


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