“Swear-by” Advice

Some moms have their “swear by” products for pregnancy, breastfeeding, new babies and more. As I was pregnant and preparing to be a first time mom there were some moments of high anxiety when I panicked and read multiple blogs about what you “need” for a new baby. I then asked family members what their opinion was. I then panicked even more to find out that none of them had the same opinion. Thankfully this anxiety only lasted about a week. I then was able to look at my lengthy list of “necessities” and separate them into what I knew I really did need and what I thought might make things easier.

As I got through pregnancy and began breastfeeding I have found a few products that I would suggest to new moms and have decided that other products are probably not worth it.

My sisters “swear by” product for pregnancy was Palmer’s Tummy Butter. This can be found at Walmart, Babies R Us, and I’m sure tonz of other places. This stretch mark cream is amazing. I rubbed it on my belly, hips, and boobs every time I got out of the shower. Not only did it help prevent stretch marks, but it kept my skin super moisturized so that as it stretched it didn’t get all itchy.

tummy butter

The only thing I didn’t like about this product was that it is slightly greasy. So you will want to wait to get dressed until it dries a little or else you feel like your clothes are sticking to your skin. Of course some people are more prone to stretch marks than others, so this is not guarantee to be stretch mark free.

My favorite product while I was pregnant was my Belly Bands. This is a  a stretchy tube of knit fabric that your wear around your bellly. I honestly can’t remember where I bought mine, but this blog shows some places you can buy them and gives instructions to make your own. I loved my belly bands for two reasons. 1. I NEVER wore maternity pants, skirts, or other bottoms. I wore the jeans I had pre-pregnancy. When they got too tight I just undid the button and wore a belly band on top. 2. They gave my belly extra support. That prego belly got heavy and made my muscles sore. But wearing a belly band helped support it and minimized the belly and back pain.


My favorite breastfeeding product is my Milkies Milk Saver. This thing is amazing. You just put it in your bra on the side you are not feeding on, and when your milk lets down it catches it. I then put it in a milk storage bag and freeze it for when my baby might need a bottle. This means less pumping, more milk for my baby, and less soggy nursing pads!


My cousins favorite breastfeeding product is the Bobby Nursing pillow. This is one that I have heard lots of mixed opinions on. My conclusion is this: it all depends on the length of your torso, and position of your breasts. If you have a long torso or perkier or smaller breasts, there is more distance from your nipples to your lap. This means you have to hunch over, add pillows, and sit in awkward positions to feed your baby. If you have a shorter torso or breasts that hang lower there is less distance from your nipples to your lap and you can comfortably feed your baby with the pillow on your lap.


I did like how my baby latched on easier in the football hold position, and the Bobby pillow seamed like a good way to support him. But I fall into the first category of awkwardly hunching over and stuffing regular pillows under the Bobby pillow. So it’s not something I use very often.

And finally my mom’s “swear by” advice for pregnancy and recovery. Walking. She constantly reminded me how much she walked while she was pregnant and how she was back into her pre-pregnancy jeans within weeks. (This was quite impressive considering the style was high waisted jeans). I also agree that exercising and good nutrition helped me have a good pregnancy and quicker recovery.


I would love to hear your opinions on any of these products or know what your “swear by” pregnancy/breastfeeding products are!


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