Cupcake commotion!

I have a recent obsession with cupcakes. Now, I have never been a big fan of cake; it tends to be dry and the frosting makes me gag. Cupcakes however have been more edible since they are smaller and therefore cuter, making them easier to eat, but still have never been my favorite. BUT a few weeks after having my baby a kind unknown angel left a cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy on my doorstep. It tasted like heaven and has got me hooked. (No I did not worry that it might be drugged, that’s the innocence of growing up in a small town, but it could have possibly been made with crack and that’s why it was so addicting 🙂 ) Unlike the good old cupcakes made from cake mix with canned frosting (gag) these gourmet cupcakes were so moist and the frosting was not only edible but so delicious!


Now, I was rational enough to decide it was not a good idea to buy cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy every day to feed my addiction. (Although I did go once…) But I do love to bake and was able to find tonz of delicious looking recipes on Pinterest. Luck would have it that a few short weeks later my mother in-law gave me cute cupcake decorating books.




And a few weeks after that I got the Better Homes and Gardens Cupcake edition for free! I was so excited to start trying out all my gourmet cupcake recipes, but my husband does not have a giant sweet tooth like I do, and reason won out over this addiction that I shouldn’t eat a dozen or more cupcakes by myself.

So instead I waited until I went home for a weekend and tested out my cupcake skills on my family. The first recipe I tried out was by the Sweet Tooth Fairy herself. These Black and White Chocolate Cupcakes incorporated two of my favorite things, chocolate and cream cheese, so I knew they would be delicious.


This recipe was easy to make, used basic ingredients, and was oh so delicious.  To make the frosting nice and swirly I put it in a Ziplock bag and clipped off the corner. This way I could easily control it and make giant swirls on my cupcakes (and believe me the frosting is good enough for GIANT swirls!). Since it was Valentines weekend I added cute pink sprinkles to top them off. I was so pleased with how cute they turned out and how yummy they were! I can’t wait to try my next recipe but will need more victims, so watch out family, neighbors, and friends!



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