Heirloom Blessing Outfit

Everything I know about sewing I learned from my mom. From the time I was a little girl I loved sitting in the sewing room with her and making clothes for my Teddy Bear and Dolls. As I got older she taught me how to make clothing for myself. As I quickly mastered the basics she went on to teach me Heirloom sewing skills, hand embroidery and smocking, and so much more.

Although she taught me how to sew, when it came time to make a Blessing outfit for my baby boy I knew I wanted it to be something special that Grandma made.


I gave her a couple basic guidelines on what I wanted and let her come up with the rest… and she went crazy. 🙂 She created a Pinterest board and started pinning everything she could find that had smocking, pintucks, and piping.




I can’t imagine how long it took her to narrow things down. It was however long enough that when Decker came early, the outfit hadn’t been made. This turned out to be a really good thing since he was a lot smaller than we ever expected him to be. So instead of doing a 0-3 month Blessing outfit I had her make a Newborn size.


We Blessed him earlier than we planned so that more of his great-grandparents would be able to attend. He was less than a month old and his little outfit was still drowning him! I had to wait until he was just over 2 months to take cute pictures of him fitting in his outfit.



Not only did Grandma have fun making this Blessing outfit for him, but she also smocked lots of other cute clothes for him to wear as he gets bigger. I am so glad that I have a mom who loves to sew for her grand-kids and so grateful that she taught me how to sew as well!


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