The plane crash effect

I have recently seen A LOT of posts, quotes, and Pins about sacrifices you make as a parent. As a new mom I agree that in exchange for the blessing of raising a child you have to sacrifice things you used to enjoy. The pre-mommy body, a full 8 hours of sleep, and always eating your food hot only begin to scratch the surface.

There are also numerous posts about not having to be “Super-mommy” to try and help women realize that its ok to not do EVERYTHING. I agree with the fact that there is no way to be “Super-mommy” without going crazy.

However, I think that moms often get so caught up in the sacrifices and trying to NOT be “Super-mommy” that they forget about themselves. I believe that as moms we need to remember the plane crash effect. Once you have boarded a plane the flight attendant explains how to properly use an oxygen mask. She then explains that you must make sure yours is PROPERLY in place before helping your child. As a mom your first instinct may be to say “No way! My child needs my help! They can’t possibly do this alone!” And that is completely correct. They can’t put on an oxygen mask without your help. But you are no help if you are passed out on the ground. Which is why you must put yours on first. By putting yourself first you have the energy and ability to help your children and those around you.

But let’s not forget that your mask must be PROPERLY used in order to be efficient. If we only halfheartedly put ours on in the rush to assist our children we will soon find ourselves out of oxygen and out of energy, and once again useless to our children. This is the same with sacrifices. President Uchtdorf has reminded women to “Forget not the difference of a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice”.

From all of this I have learned that sometimes as a mom you need to put yourself first. About a month ago I had a melt down. By sacrificing everything for my new baby I had gone into “over control mode” which always ends in “loss of control mode”. After talking to my husband about it I realized that it was okay to be selfish. So I started taking ballet again. When I started it was for purely selfish reasons. But I soon found out how much this selfishness was helping my family. By being physically active I have more energy throughout the day. I feel better about myself and by being healthy can do more for my family. By doing something I love I am happier about the sacrifices I do make. Ballet takes me out of the “over control mode” so I’m a lot happier at home and enjoying what I am doing (even if its laundry). This has a huge benefit on my marriage, and nothing is better for your children than seeing you and your husband have a healthy happy relationship. And through this I feel like I have become “Super-mommy”. Even if the laundry doesn’t get done, there are dishes in the sink, or my dinner is cold, I am happy. And there is nothing more “Super-mommy” than that.

So find what you love and do it, be selfish in your sacrifices, and become a TRUE “Super-mommy”.


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