My mom LOVES to swim. After her stroke 5 years ago she started swimming to regain her mobility and physical strength and to develop a healthier lifestyle. She taught herself different swimming and breathing techniques from youtube videos. She focuses on swimming for a certain amount of time, not on speed, and not on a number of laps. And you know what, she is good! As a girl who can’t do much more than tread water I am amazed at how easy my mom makes swimming look. But I think the biggest reason she is so good is because she LOVES it. She goes every morning before teaching pre-school. And on the days she can’t go (from the pool being closed for maintenance) she gets antsy. Swimming gives her that warm fuzzy feeling inside. It motivates her and helps her start her day off right. It is her “selfish activity” (see more here) that helps her be a great mom.

Recently the owner of the pool asked her to take the lifeguard course. She wasn’t sure why (and still isn’t sure) since she would never work as a guard. But she decided to take the course anyway and made my little brother take it with her. We were in Beaver for the end of the week while they were finishing up the course and decided we needed a celebration.


So my sister made banners and decorated and I baked a cake.


And after baking that cake I remembered why I like cupcakes better. It is so much easier to make them look nice and cute! But alas, I had forgotten these things and baked a cake. And although it wasn’t as cute as cupcakes it still tasted alright.


Although we always love a good reason to throw a party, the biggest reason we celebrated is because of how far my mom has come. She taught herself to swim and regained all of her physical abilities. She worked through her exams spending extra time to get the correct answer and making sure she did HER best. She overcame her personal obstacles to accomplish something big and for that we are proud of her!


Although she still struggles with certain things she has overcome so much! She is such an inspiration to me when I get frustrated with myself. It is because of her that I love being a mom. She gives me my drive and passion for life, and without that there isn’t much to live for. And although she recently got certified as a life-guard, she will always be my life-saver.


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