Project Run and Play Season 9 Week 1

Its a new season of Project Run and Play and I will be sewing along again! My little guy is only 3 months old and growing like crazy so I haven’t sewn much for him. (Plus both of his grandmas LOVE finding cute outfits for him so he really doesn’t need anything.) But when I saw the themes for this season I knew I wanted to participate.

2014-03-24 12.57.36

Growing up, Spring meant track season, and track season means…..snow. Yep. You are almost guaranteed to have it snow at one of the meets and multiple practices. With a State Champ sister who just signed to run track for UVU and a 6′ 4″ brother who can practically step over the high jump I knew we would be going to some track meets this year and I wanted to make sure my little guy would be warm.


Ignore the fact that the shirt says “Basketball” its the only UVU shirt she could find 🙂

I recently taught myself how to crochet and have been loving it! So when I saw this giraffe hat I knew I had to make my baby one for track season.

2014-03-24 12.44.20

Then when I saw that the theme for PR & P was “Put me in the Zoo” I knew that hat was the perfect start. Since the weather at track meets can go from snow to sun within the hour I knew I wanted I cute jacket for my baby that was easy to take on and off. I wanted it warm, soft, and snuggley. So I made the outside out of a soft brown knit and lined it with giraffe print flannel. Now normally mixing a knit with a non stretchy fabric (like flannel) is a TERRIBLE idea. But that giraffe print was so perfect and the knit was so soft that I had to have them both. And PR & P is about creativity and trying new things so I was up for the challenge.

2014-03-24 12.45.51

 I started out with a basic jacket pattern and altered it here and there to fit the simple style I wanted. Since flannel doesn’t stretch I knew I needed my lining pieces to be bigger than the knit. So I added 3/4″ to the side, shoulders, and sleeves. I put a box pleat at the neckline and the middle of the bottom of the back piece of the lining. This made the lining and outer layer line up perfectly while still having enough shoulder space to move around. 

2014-03-24 12.46.05

I put knit cuffs on the ends of the sleeves to help them fit more snugly and keep the cold out. I put snaps down the front to make it easy to take on and off. And of course I had to put a cute giraffe applique on the front. I traced this from an applique my mom used on a pajama for my baby.

 2014-03-24 12.48.05

I finished the jacket off by using a leaf-like stitch to top-stitch around the edges. This gives it a cute finished look and keeps the flannel from rolling out. I can’t wait to take this little guy to track meets in this cute outfit! He loves going outside and loves watching his Aunty Dill and Uncle Tay.

2014-03-24 12.57.20


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