Reversible Baby Bibs

At Decker’s 4 month check-up his pediatrician said we could go ahead and start on rice cereal whenever we were ready. I had such mixed feelings about this. Part of me is so excited to watch him try new foods, but the other part of me knows that means he is growing up and I am just not ready for that! So I bought rice cereal and put it in the cupboard, so I have it when I’m ready. And then I started playing the “tomorrow” game. As in I will start him on rice tomorrow…and then he got a cold. So I will start when the cold goes away…and then it turned into a cough…. well when the cough goes away, or tomorrow when Daddy is home…or….Well this past week he has been waking up every two hours and I have had enough. So I decided I really was ready for him to try cereal…. but then I realized I had no bibs. So I pulled out my fabric scraps and got to work.

2014-05-08 12.21.33 2014-05-08 12.22.02


I used a pattern from Craftaholics Anonymous. This pattern comes in an infant and toddler size and the infant one is big enough to cover my baby’s whole belly (not just under his chin like some store-bought bibs). I made some bibs out of vinyl to easily wipe off food and others out of scraps of flannel. For the flannel bibs I grabbed any scraps I could make match and pieced them together to make a square big enough to fit the pattern. This helped me bust through a very small amount of the scraps I am trying to get rid of and gave the bibs a lot more variety.

2014-05-08 12.22.57

I finished all the bibs with different stitches in bold colors to help make them even cuter (cuz that matters when your watching more baby food go on the bib than in your baby’s belly).  Decker decided he needed to sit on Mommy’s lap during this part so not all of the stitches are straight or even. But hey he doesn’t care and the bibs will still serve their purpose.

2014-05-08 12.23.12

So now that those bibs are made, the cereal, bowls and spoons are bought, we can start on rice cereal….tomorrow…;)


6 thoughts on “Reversible Baby Bibs

  1. Probably most of the mothers feel the same way too. Bibs are really important, especially when you are preparing your child in eating cereals or any solid foods. Well, congratulations to you because you have made it and you really did good at making all those cutest bibs. If the cereal, bowls, spoons and bibs are ready, it means you are also ready.


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