Baby Shoes

For some reason little things are just so much cuter than big things. Like little cupcakes are so much cuter than a big cake, and baby sandals are cuter than adult sandals, and baby Toms are cuter than adult shoes. So I of course had to make my baby boy cute little shoes.

After the suggestion from my sister, I made some cute little sandals from a tutorial from Make-it and Love-it, remember how I love her tutorials!? Well these sandals were easy to make, except that you have to be VERY exact to make sure both sandals turn out the same size!


So cute and perfect for summer! (Although my mom claims little babies don’t love wearing sandals, and well…shes probably right…)


I also made cute little Toms-inspired shoes from a tutorial from HomemadeToast. This tutorial was a lot more complicated than the sandals because there are a lot more pieces and you have to be even more exact to make sure they come out the same size.


But when they are done they are SOOO cute on little feet!



Check out these ladies great blogs to make your own cute baby shoes!


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