Directional Maxi Skirt

Remember how I made maxi skirts while I was pregnant?

maxi 1

Well they are just as great when you are not pregnant, so I made another one šŸ™‚ For this one I based my idea off of a maxi skirt my mom made. I cut the pieces with the stripes going different directions to give it a different kind of look.


2014-05-20 10.31.56

To make a directional maxi skirt you need to cut out a basic pattern. Do this by measuring your waist where you want the skirt to sit, and your hips at the biggest point. The skirt needs to be at least as big as your hips, but can be wider for a fuller skirt. Draft out a pattern using these measurements and the length you want the skirt, angling out at the bottom as wide as you want it.

skirt pattern

Next draw out the different directional pieces you want.

skirt pattern 2



Cut out the pattern pieces and put them on your fabric with the stripes going the different directions you want.

skirt pattern 4

Make sure you cut out a piece for the front and back, and that they will match up with right sides together when you sew. Add 1/4 ” to all pieces for the seams.

skirt pattern 5

Sew the pieces together so you have a skirt front and skirt back. Sew the front and back together at the sides. Add a yoga style waist band or wide elastic, hem the skirt, and you are done!



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