Graduation Dress and Cake Bites

This weekend we went home for my little sister’s high-school graduation. We were making cake bites for her celebration and trying to decide what she would wear under her gown. She was thinking it would be nice to have a new dress, but being in Beaver there is no mall to run to. I told her I had just made a new dress but it wasn’t quite what she had in mind. She suddenly asked, “Hey could you just make me one real quick?” It was about 4 hours before she had to leave. Not completely taking her serious I asked if she even had any fabric. She apparently was serious and pulled some grey knit my mom had stashed away. She explained what she wanted and within an hour I had whipped up a new dress for her to wear to graduation.


I was pretty proud of myself. Usually when I sew something that quickly without a pattern I end up making at least one mistake, sometimes big ones. But this dress went smoothly with no mistakes, no tears, and looked great.


To make this dress I used a basic cap-sleeve T-shirt to draft the top of the dress, stopping it at my sisters natural waist line. I then make the skirt part measuring the length from her natural waist down to her knee. I angled the dress in at her natural waist line, out at her hips, and straight down to the bottom. I sewed a thick band around the neckline and used a double needle to hem the bottom and the sleeves.

Overall this dress was super quick and easy to make and looked great on her. Congratulations Dill we are proud of you and excited to have you at UVU next year!!!


The cake bites were cute and we had some great flavors, but I think they still need some work before I share any recipes on them!






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