Circle skirt Dress

Remember how I had to whip up a cute dress for my sister RIGHT before graduation because she didn’t want to wear the dress I had just made myself?


Well here is the dress that I had made for myself, and I was ok with her not wanting to wear it since that meant I got to cuz guess what…it’s twirly! And even though I am supposed to be grown up I still love to spin around in dresses like a little girl.

For the top of this dress I drew up a pattern from a cap-sleeve shirt I had, just like I did for my sister’s graduation dress. I drafted the 3/4 length sleeves from a sweater I had. For the skirt I used this blog post from The Snugbug Blog. They have a great explanation of the different types of circle skirts and how to easily draft one yourself.

I cut my skirt out in four separate pieces so that I could have my stripes line up in diagonal angles, but make sure you match up fronts and backs! The first time I cut this out I didn’t remember to match things up and it caused a great amount of stress as I tried to save my fabric.

skirt pattern 5

I added a black sash to bring the dress in at my waist and give the dress a break-line so the stripes weren’t to overwhelming. These types of dresses are really easy to make since they are from knits and you don’t have to worry about zippers or buttons! My mom and I even whipped one up real quick for my little sister to wear to New Zealand to visit my older sister and her family.


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