Homemade Baby Food: Part 1

You know what I like making almost as much as cupcakes? Baby food. Weird I know. Even buying baby food is fun since there are so many cool things out there now. And I just love seeing Decker’s cute little faces when he tries something new.


There are so many benefits to making your own baby food. It seriously saves SO much money, cuz those cute fun little foods get expensive! And I have more control of what my baby eats. Now I’m not one of those “super organic, all natural, no additives” kind of moms, but I do care about my baby’s nutrition, especially  since he is sensitive to fruit. If he eats ANY kind of fruit by itself he breaks out around his eyes. But I found that if it is mixed with other foods he is alright.

Now I firmly believe that “time is money” and some “Do It Yourself” kind of things are way more hassle than they are worth. But making baby food really doesn’t take up much time, and it helps me and my husband eat healthier as well. There are so many different blogs on how to make baby food, and some of them get so complicated! But after reading a few, I have found some main tips that work the best for me. I will be sharing them in a blog series so you don’t have to read one super long post! (you’re welcome 😉 )

First off is the equipment:

There are so many “special” baby food making tools and accessories, but really all you need is a blender, freezing trays, and Ziplock bags. But, I am going to share some of the fun things I use, cuz I think they are worth it!

The Baby Bullet. I bought this used from someone and it was so worth it (although I might not think that if I had paid full price….) I love the size of the blender, and mostly all the accessories it came with.


You need to figure out how you will store the baby food. I have found that freezing is the easiest way. The Baby Bullet comes with freezing trays that fit nicely in the freezer. You can also use ice cube trays. Once the food is frozen you just set the trays in hot shallow water until the food loosens up and then pop them out and put them in labeled Ziplock bags.


Every few days I pull out a few different “bullets” of food and put them in little storage containers in my fridge to thaw. You could use old baby food jars, small plastic storage containers or snack size Ziplock bags.


My other favorite thing: Yummi Pouches. These are re-fillable food pouches. They are so nice for eating on the go! They fit better in the diaper bag and are easy to grab and go. Right now I still have to squeeze some onto a spoon to feed my baby; but as he learns to feed himself, squeeze pouches are a lot easier for on-the-go snacking. These are very inexpensive when you compare them to store bought squeeze pouches.


Making your own baby food should NOT become a hassle! So figure out what equipment you have, what fits your budget, and buy things used when you can. Most of the time if people are selling this kind of stuff it’s because they didn’t use it much and you can get it practically brand new for less than half the price!

I would love to hear of any baby food making equipment you have and love. Keep following my posts to hear more about actually making the food!

(I am not sponsored by ANY of these, (or any other) brands or products. Any comments made on products are my own unbiased view!)


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