Baby Overalls for KCW

Remember the sneak peek of my project for Kids Clothes Week? Well it is all done!


While I was pregnant last winter I found this cute hat. My mom decided that if I was going to get it we really needed to get fabric to make a cute outfit to match. πŸ™‚


Now every once in a while my brain gets real creative and I make stuff up on my own. But for the most part I like patterns. I don’t always like to follow them exactly, but I like to have that solid foundations to start with.


I am a sucker for little boys in overalls. So when my mom gave me this pattern to use I knew I wanted to change it slightly to have more of a “bib-overall” look.


For the overall part I dropped the waist line of the bottoms, added length to the top and extended the straps all the way to the back. I added a square “bib” piece to the front to give them the true overall look. Since this added a lot to the front I decided to put the pockets on the back. I appliqued little anchors on to match the one on the cute hat.



I also decided to change up the collar. I made a collar stand from this pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.Β Since my outfit doesn’t have buttons down the front I just lined up the front end in the middle of the shirt.


I originally had just tacked down the straps at the shoulder seam so they wouldn’t fall down. But after taking pictures I decided they would look a lot better sewn all the way down.


Isn’t he just so cute it this! Hopefully he doesn’t just pull that cute hat off his head when he wears it!




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