Make it Fit

Have you ever had an outfit that you let hang in your closet because it just didn’t fit the way you wanted it to? From those too tight jeans that suddenly give you love handles you never had to that poor fitting top that makes you feel curve-less, clothes can have a great impact on how we look and how we feel.

For example: We went to a friends wedding in California over the 4th of July weekend. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to make a new dress from fabric that had been stashed away for over a year. I followed the “perfect fit” guide and had my husband help pin me in to make sure it fit. I was a little unsure as I looked in the mirror, but was sure the problem was just that my husband hadn’t pinned me in right. I felt a bit rushed towards the end so I put the zipper in the back assuming that the fit was fine and packed it without trying on the final product. When I put the dress on for the wedding I was devastated. The dress felt horrible on me and of course I had no back up. The dress was a lot looser than I had intended it to be and I felt like I had just gained 50 pounds. I tried bringing the waist in with a belt, but that just made the bodice pucker funny. With no other options I put on the dress and planned on holding my baby close to me the whole time so no one would notice just how huge that dress made me look.

When we got home I threw that dress in the closet not even wanting to look at it. I was embarrassed to have made something so awful. After a few weeks I finally was able to look at the dress again and assess my options. I could never wear the dress again (having wasted my time and money), I could wear it how it is always feeling extremely self conscious, or I could take the time to fix it. So I pulled out my seam ripper and tore half that dress apart. I took in the waist, the side seams, changed the neckline, and redid the sleeves. I took the time to make sure the dress fit everywhere before I sewed it all back up.


When I tried on the finished product again I was amazed at the difference. I felt like the dress flattered my figure and was excited to wear it to church that week. I proudly told people that I had made it instead of hiding behind the baby.


Whether you sew or buy your clothes, it is important to make sure they fit YOUR figure. Sure there are “body type” guidelines of what you should or shouldn’t wear, but even the perfect style for the perfect hour glass shape can look trashy if it doesn’t fit well. So next time you go shopping forget about your “body type” and focus on the fit. If you love the outfit but it doesn’t fit quite right get it altered. It will make all the difference.


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