Baby Sensory Bag

I saw a sensory bag on Pinterest and thought it was such a great idea!


The gel itself is fun to squish and the different textures of the toys give it lots of variety. (Ya I played with it for a while before I gave it to him….) I got this idea from Plain Vanilla Mom. This is such a quick easy project to make and it doesn’t cost very much. You can get the little toys from a dollar store or in the party section at Walmart.


As I was making this bag I wondered how strong the Ziplock bag really is. The freezer bags are stronger than regular bags, but I  think I would use edible Aloe Vera Gel instead of hair gel next time. That way if little teeth poke a hole in the bag it isn’t toxic. Thankfully Decker doesn’t have teeth yet, but it’s something I will keep an eye on when he plays with this.


You need:

  • 1 quart size Ziplock Freezer bag
  • 1  bottle of Aloe Vera gel (about 16 oz.)
  • Duck Tape
  • Small toys (make sure they don’t have rough or sharp edges to poke holes in the bag)


  • Squirt the Aloe Vera gel into the bag. (Add food coloring if the gel is clear)
  • Put a variety of small toys in the bag.
  • Zip the bag shut pushing out all of the air.
  • Duck tape all four sides 2 times for extra strength

And that is it! Super easy!



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