Crinkle Taggy Toy

My baby loves tags. He gets that from his Dad. It doesn’t matter what toy it is he loves to pull on that silky tag that is hanging off the toy. He also loves crinkly noises, especially plastic bags that he’s not supposed to play with….

I have seen a lot of tutorials of “tag lovies” made of soft fabric to snuggle with, but none of them made crinkly noises. So I got my brain working and came up with this.


This was super quick and easy to make, I whipped it up during nap time and Decker was excited to have something fun and new when he woke up.


To make a Crinkle Taggy Toy you will need:

  • Two 9.5 x 9.5″ squares of Minky or fleece
  • Sixteen 8″ pieces of ribbon
  • One 9.5 x 9.5″ chip bag (I used Tostitos it was about the right width and i just cut off a few inches of the top, leaving the sides together to give me a double layer.)


  • Fold your ribbon pieces in half and pin them along the edges of one fabric square with the folded edge facing in. 5 ribbons on two opposite sides. 3 ribbons on the other two.
  • Baste the ribbons in place.


  • Place the other fabric piece on top of the ribbons, right sides together, making sure that all ribbons are out of the way of your sewing line. Place the chip bag on top and pin the layers together.


  • Using a Leather needle and a vinyl or walking foot sew around the edges leaving an opening on one edge.
  • Turn the pieces right side out.
  • Press the opening edges to the inside and zig-zag stitch around the whole square.
  • Press the fold of the ribbons flat.


That’s it! Super easy and this little guy loves it!




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