Find YOUR Fitness

There is something about the Fall that just invigorates me. The refreshing cool morning air and fresh dew on the grass wake me up and get me moving. The sharp smells of crinkling leaves, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon enliven me. The soft colors of changing leaves and pink sunsets move me to be better. The beginning of football season, snuggly sweaters, pumpkin everything, crisp apples, scarves, hot cocoa, and bonfires ignite a change in me.

For me September is the perfect time to start a fitness challenge. I hate New Year’s Resolutions. They are nothing more than a good idea that never seems to last. But a challenge is something to be accomplished. In a challenge you have something to push you, there are guidelines, and there is an end.

This week I am taking on the Bikini Body Mommy 2.0 challenge. This is a 90 day fitness challenge involving interval workouts that use body weight and handheld weights and your choice of cardio workouts. My favorite part about this challenge is that it is made for moms. Moms are busy and don’t have time to do a hundred different small muscle exercises. We need a quick workout that involves our whole body, especially our core. And that is just what Bikini Body Mommy is all about.

Now I am not doing this challenge so that I can strut around in a skimpy little bikini. I am doing this to better myself. My goal is to get fit, tone my muscles, and be a better ME. To improve my strength so I can more easily pack my baby around. To increase my cardio endurance so I don’t run out of breath after packing around that heavy car-seat. To tighten my core so I have control of my body. Although this challenge does suggest doing “weigh-ins”, for me this is not about weight. Weight is just a number and not a good indicator of health. My little sister has a six-pack, she is ripped, she runs track, and she is fit. I have a post-baby belly, not so toned arms, and run out of breath more easily than I would like. But she weighs slightly more than me. If this were simply about weight, I would be done, no challenge needed. But health is not just about weight, so I will not be weighing in.

Whatever your reasoning and motivation are, get moving. Join a challenge. Whether it is Bikini Body Mommy, P90-x, Beach Body, or one you make up on your own. Just get moving, better yourself, and change your life. Focus on Fitness, not weight. Listen to your body. Push yourself, but don’t over do it. As you become more in-tune to your body you will also find a need to eat healthier. You can’t strengthen your muscles with a diet primarily filled with greasy fat. As you dive into your fitness challenge, your body will begin to crave leafy green, fruits, and veggies. Listen to your body and research some basic nutritional guidelines as needed. But remember this is about you becoming healthier; changing your body to be more fit, and a better you.

So let September light the fire within you and get up and get moving.


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