Slouchy Crochet Hat

Who is ready for a hat overload?

I have recently become obsessed with yarn…. I am loving crocheting and knitting and craving very expensive yarn that I shouldn’t even be looking at…. After crocheting a few hats for my baby I decided it was time to make one for myself. And then I made another, and another.

Honestly I have never really worn hats. But this winter I am loving having a hat to keep my head warm, and just look cute! (And I try to convince Decker that if mommy can keep her hat on her head he can too.)

This slouchy crochet hat was really fast to make. It looked odd to me when it was done, because I really didn’t know what a slouchy hat was supposed to look like, but I loved it once I put it on! I added a few handmade wood buttons I had on hand to give it a fun pop of color and more “finished” look.

This pattern is a free pattern on Raverly from Little Monkeys Crochet.

IMG_3512 IMG_3514 IMG_3519


Keep looking for more cute hat posts!

(except that I am the genius girl who dropped the camera and broke the lens….. so it might be a while until I can get decent pics….)


One thought on “Slouchy Crochet Hat

  1. Gorgeous hat! I’m having trouble getting my daughter to keep hats on her head too, but like a big silly, I keep making them for her >.< This month is the month though, selfish hats all the way!


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