Premie Beanies for the NICU

I love using my talents and skills to help others, especially around Christmas time. So when I saw a 12 days of Christmas challenge to make 12 hats to donate to the NICU, I jumped on the opportunity to help sweet little babies.


Some of these hats are made from the patterns available through the challenge and some are patterns that I already had on hand. Newborn and premie size hats are so quick to make up and don’t take very much yarn. They are a great in-between project to keep your hands moving, and a great way to practice new stitches.


I have decided to take the challenge a littler further and will be doing a year-round NICU challenge by making a new hat each month, so that next Christmas I will have 12 hats to donate that I have made throughout the previous year.


Check out Sunset Family Living to participate in this challenge (don’t worry there is still time!) You just donate the hats to your local NICU so that premies across the country can benefit from this awesome challenge!


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