In Bloom Cap

Remember how I said there was going to be an overload of hat posts? Well here is another one 🙂 My sweet sister modeled for me since my hair was in a bun and I was to lazy to take it out…


My sweet baby boy LOVES to be outside, and with the colder weather I knew I needed cute hats to take him outside to play. (And to try to convince him that if mommy can keep her hat on her head, he can to…)

I saw this cute pattern on Ravelry and decided to try it out. This is one of my favorite hats to wear. I love how adding the buttons gives it a more “finished” look. This pattern was easy to follow and I was able to make up the hat pretty quickly. I like the beanie style of this hat, but my sister prefers a more slouchy beanie. The great think about this pattern is that it comes in both styles! Yay!



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