Blackberry Birthday Cupcakes

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! This weekend was my birthday, the big quarter of a century, now I feel old birthday. So I made cupcakes. (And yes I also went to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and got my free Birthday cupcake!)


The Best thing about making your own Birthday cake/cupcakes, is you make sure you get EXACTLY what you want. And this year I decided I wanted Blackberry Cupcakes baked in cute pink liners with blackberry frosting, blackberries, and pink sprinkles on top. So that is exactly what we had. And they were delicious.




I found this recipe in the recipe book “One Sweet Cupcake by Janell Brown”. This book has so many delicious recipes! Its almost as great as pinterest! 😉

Although these cupcakes were near perfection I have decided that I like cupcakes with fillings best. Next time I think I will add a blackberry custard or something to the middle of these.


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