Baby Finger Paint



Decker has been so busy lately! We have been taking advantage of the warmer weather (but wishing there was snow) and going outside every day, and that boy still has more energy than our little apartment can handle! So today we went through the Pinterest board again and decided to try out finger painting. I remember my mom letting us finger paint with pudding as kids and we loved it! But I am trying to help Decker learn that not everything gets to be eaten, so I wanted a baby-safe, but not tasty paint.

I found this recipe from Powerful Mothering. It was perfect! So easy to make and I used the neon gel food coloring so we got amazing colors this time!!! This recipe made a LOT of paint, so after I colored it I separated it into three different trays to save some for another day. (These are the Baby Bullet trays I use to store homemade baby food.)


I set Decker in the bath so that he could paint the sides of the tub and so we had easy clean up. You could easily do this activity in a high chair, but I didn’t want Decker to think this was a snack. He was a little unsure at first probably wondering “where is all the water mom?” but eventually he figured out what we were doing.



Can I really make a mess mom?


What is this stuff!?

And of course he had to see how all of those bright colors tasted.


Hey that’s not bad… 


Don’t you just love that little tongue hanging out!



He loved squishing that paint between his little fingers, but he wasn’t so sure he wanted Mommy painting it on his belly. This paint had such a good texture and consistency. As I was showing him how he could scribble his fingers in the paint I was so tempted to jump in and join him! This activity kept him busy for a whole 30 minutes. And then we ran the bath for a super easy clean up! This is an awesome activity for so many different ages!


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