Baby Shower Ideas

I just realized I haven’t posted in FOREVER! And it’s not because I haven’t made anything. It’s because I have been so busy making things that I haven’t taken the time to blog about any of it. So I finally decided to do a quick post about my most recent project.

Baby girl clothes are my favorite to sew. They are so cute and tiny, don’t use much fabric, and there are so many ways to change up a pattern. But since I don’t have a baby girl, I don’t get many opportunities to sew cute girl things. So when my sister-in-law announced she was having a baby girl I got excited. That meant a baby shower and baby showers mean a chance to make lots of cute little outfits.

My sister helped me dig through my bins of fabric (I think she was in shock at the amount of fabric I have…) and search through my patterns and come up with some cute ideas.

Our first idea was a simple peasant dress with a ruffled diaper cover. I cannot stand to see a baby in a cute dress with a diaper hanging out. So for me diaper covers are a big deal. I found the pattern for the peasant dress at Sew Much Ado. It is such a simple pattern and so easy to make. For the ruffled diaper I used the pattern from Dana Made and just added a few ruffles across the bum.


Next I decided to make a romper. I absolutely love seeing cute chunky baby arms in the summer. And a romper is the perfect way to show them off. I bought this pattern from an Etsy shop but it doesn’t look like its available anymore.

And of course cute outfits need accessories. So I made a simple matching headband and some cute little shoes using this pattern from I Think Sew. Two super cute outfits done 🙂

Then my mother-in-law asked me to make some gauze summer blankets. I had used these for my baby and loved them in the warmer weather. I had found the tutorial at Make It and Love It (my favorite tutorial blog) and it was so easy to follow. I had extra fabric from these blankets and decided to make a few more dresses.


For these two dresses I based the top part of the dresses on the peasant dress pattern. For the aqua dress I made a simple bubble skirt and added a cute bow. For the purple dress I made three tiered ruffles. These were both simple ways to change up a basic pattern. And of course they both needed diaper covers.


After all of this I couldn’t get enough of cute baby girl clothes so I kept going……

I made another romper, but this time I used knit fabric and mixed patterns together. I used the romper bottoms and the peasant dress top (adjusting the top to fit the bottoms). I also added snap tape to make diaper changing easier.


Feeling the need to see more cute baby skin, I decided to make another tank-top style top. I shortened the peasant dress into more of a shirt length, added flutter sleeves, and made a simple pair of knit shorts based off of a leggings pattern. And of course I needed to make a cute knotted headband to match.

At this point I thought I should be done, but then I saw one last scrap of fabric…and decided to make one more. Again I used the peasant dress pattern shortened to shirt length, and added leather sleeves. Then I cut up and old shirt to make leggings trimmed with leather to match the shirt. I finished the outfit off with a leather bow headband.


All of these outfits were quick and easy to make. I probably could have made a bunch more (I definitely have enough fabric and I’m sure my sister-in-law wouldn’t have mind, you can never have to many clothes right?) but I decided that I really needed to finish the thousand of other projects piling up and the bottom of the bed.


One thought on “Baby Shower Ideas

  1. Wendy says:

    They are all fabulous! You’re amazing. I didn’t have a chance to really see everything at the shower, but you can believe I spent some time looking at everything before Christy headed out for home. Thank you for such fun things!


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