Halloween Costumes 2015

I have more hobbies than I have time for, which sometimes puts blogging pretty low on the priority list. But I have some fun things I am working on that I wanted to share!

The beginning of October Decker discovered Curious George and just can’t get enough of it. As Decker was running around our house like a crazy child Nick commented that he kinda looks like Curious George. And then I knew exactly what our family was going to do for Halloween.


Decker was so excited to be “Monkey” and of course to go around and get candy. Nick was a good sport and dressed up as “The Man with the Yellow Hat” with a bit less enthusiasm. I love having our family go as a theme but didn’t want to put a ton of work into my costume, so Decker and Nick would be the main focus. I found this awesome pant suit at DI and decided I could fit in as a Safari Explorer.


These costumes were so easy to put together! I found mine at DI, borrowed a hat and binoculars from Nick and was set. I found yellow pants, shirt, and tie at DI for Nick. I drew black polka dots on the tie myself. The Yellow Hat was the hardest part. I wrapped paper into a cone and stuffed it into a witch hat to make it stiff. Then I wrapped and glued yellow fabric around the hat and brim. This took a LOT of time and I would figure out something easier if I was going to do it again. For Curious George I used this pajama pattern. I put the zipper in the back instead of the front and stopped the legs at the bottom instead of adding the footed part. I drew my own pattern for the monkey feet with elastic to go under Decker’s feet.

Overall I am so happy with how our costumes turned out this year!


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