Christmas Advent Calendar

I love decorating for Christmas! Unfortunately my tiny apartment can’t hold very many decorations, so they are kind of all crammed into odd places, hoping they will be seen, but not touched by a very helpful toddler.

I was a few days late getting this one done, but I love how it turned out! Even though Decker has no idea what we are counting down for, I still wanted to make an advent calendar that he could help me decorate.


I found this idea on Pinterest from A Bright Corner. She has a pattern you can buy and a link for many of the ornaments. I made up my own pattern, used some of the ornament templates, and then drew up the rest on my own.

All of the ornaments are made from felt. I fused them together with medium strength Heat-N-Bond to make them more sturdy without having to sew those tiny pieces together. I did some basic hand embroidery on some of them, and raided my moms craft stash for fun accents to decorate those little ornaments.


I love how it turned out and so does Decker! (a little to much as he want to put them all on at once!)


One thought on “Christmas Advent Calendar

  1. This is majorly impressive! I’ve been really wanting to make something like this, but all the small, time consuming pieces have scared me off. Now, I am just jealous!! You did a great job!


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