Jot Magazine Challenge

I love the freedom of creativity. I love to be able to take any elements I want and create something amazing from them. But I also like the challenge a direction can give you. Whether its trying to recreate a design with your own personal touch, using specific elements in your design, or following a set color scheme, having a direction can bring something new to your creativity. You have to think harder, focus more, and still be creative as you follow the direction you have chosen.

I recently discovered Jot Magazine, an online magazine and blog about paper crafting and memory keeping. Each month they have a mood board challenge and their team members are invited to create something using the given color scheme. The best part is that they invite their readers to submit a craft using the mood board and there are prizes for the winners of the challenge! And who doesn’t love prizes!


I love the colors of the December mood board! They are so modern and fun and I knew exactly what picture I wanted to scrapbook with them.


Although I originally viewed the mood board colors as fierce and bold, I realized that I needed to soften them and make them more elegant for the feel I wanted for my page.


To create this page I called my mom and mother-in-law begging for specific supplies, as much as I love to create amazing things I don’t always have the budget for the supplies I want :(. Thankfully between the three of us I was able to gather everything I needed.

I started by cutting gold paper into three 1″ strips. I glued them to my background paper 1 1/4″ apart. (I ended up switching the side my gold stripes were on half way through the layout.)412

Since I was following a color scheme I needed to make sure all my embellishments were a specific shade and color. Since I couldn’t find exactly what I needed I added Distress Ink to my flowers and doilies to get the color I was going for. I love how the sponged ink gives them a more watery look, helping them represent a more murky lake feel.

I cut out two swans and the title with my Silhouette Cameo. (I am loving that thing!)

I double backed my 5×7 picture in the brighter pink and white. I had wanted to use all the colors from the mood board, but the brighter pink was to strong. Showing only a small amount of it behind my picture allowed me to use it without it being overbearing.

I attached all the flowers with small black jeweled brads. I hot-glued some white feathers behind my swans to give my page that soft elegant look and represent the ballet a little better.

I love how this page turned out and can’t wait for next months challenge!



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