Memory Planner

I hate writing in a traditional journal. If you were to read my journal you would see 3 or 4 pages spanning a 5 year period and only covering major events. However I do believe in preserving my memories and having something to show my children and grandchildren. I have always been a big scrapbooker and used that as a way to “journal” my life events, but even that only covers events worthy of a camera.


This past year I discovered the concept of a “memory planner”. The basic concept is using a planner to document your everyday life. This past year I used the Heidi Swapp Black and White Memory Planner 2015. My favorite part is that each day has a small section to write in. This obligates me to write something small everyday. It’s a small enough section to document, but not daunting enough to be overwhelmed by. And you know what, I wrote EVERYDAY this year! Pretty impressive compared to my “journal”.


Use different sized pens , washi tape, and stickers to add variety and decorate your pages.


My memory planner consists of the silly things Decker does each day. The toy he wouldn’t put down, the silly sentence he tried to say, the simple acts of kindness shown. The memories we forget to appreciate.


I make a collage of all my phone pics at the end of the month, this way I can remember all the fun pics I took, even if I know some of them will never end up my my scrapbbook.


I love that this planner has space at the beginning of each month for your favorite pics!


Not only has using a memory planner helped me document my life, it has also helped me better myself. As I write a few sentences each night I look back on what I accomplished that day and what I can do to become better. Not everyday is happy with sunshine and rainbows, but reviewing each day individually has helped me focus on the positive things in my life.


These calendar pages have room for a quote, goals, and big events that will be coming up. A perfect place to add inspiring words and reevaluate what you want to accomplish.


Now I personally love all things Heidi Swapp, so I chose to use her planners. I even found a 2015 Hello planner at the Scrapbook Warehouse in Orem for $5!!! And since you fill in the dates you can use it for ANY year! So of course I jumped on that deal and will be using it for 2016. Because as cute as her new white and gold polka-dot planner is, $5 is much more budget friendly than $40.

But, if Heidi Swapp and cute crafty things aren’t your style, you can use ANY type or size of planner out there! You can even use this concept on your phone. I know there are lots of planner type apps, but for me having a hard copy makes me feel more obligated to write in it everyday.

So however you chose to preserve your DAILY memories, find what works for you and document it!

Happy 2016!


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