Elephant Baby Blanket

My little guy is obsessed with his Minky Giraffe blanket I made him when he was a baby. He drags that thing all over even though it is heavy and he can barely pull it off his bed by himself.  With a baby brother on the way I knew Decker wasn’t about to share his blanket, so it was a good excuse to make a new one for the baby. I decided to use the same pattern, but wanted a different animal. My mother-in-law and I searched many stores trying to find cute Minky, and when I saw this elephant print I knew this is exactly what I wanted to use.

I drew up the elephant in the center basing my pattern off the elephants in the fabric. I used heavy weight yarn for the ear and tail and a big button for the eye to help give the elephant more dimension.


My house (and my mother-in-laws) are now covered in minky fluff, but I love how this blanket turned out and can’t wait to use it! Now I just have to convince Decker it isn’t a new one for him…..


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