Reversible Pencil Skirt Tutorial

A few days ago I made this cute Patterns For Pirates Pencil Skirt. I had the Aztec fabric on hand (from a sale from Girl Charlee) but it was really thin and needed to be lined for a tight fitting skirt. I hate to waste fabric for something that won’t be seen, so I decided to make the skirt reversible! I bought some black knit from Joann’s to coordinate with the Aztec.


Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own skirt reversible! Use the Pirate Pencil Skirt or other patterns for full sewing instructions.  (This is a self drafted 9 month size pattern)

Cut two skirts out of coordinating fabrics and one waistband. (Remember the waistband will be the same for BOTH sides so make sure they coordinate!)

Sew up the sides of the skirts. Sew the side of the waistband and fold in half.

Press your hem lines, but don’t sew them yet!


Turn ONE skirt right side out. Leave the other one wrong sides out.


Grey is right side out. Pink is wrong side out. 

Place the right side out (grey) skirt inside the wrong side out (pink) skirt so that right sides are together.


Sandwich the waistband IN BETWEEN the two skirts. With raw edges up.


Remember the waistband is folded in half so it has two layers to sew and has no “wrong” or “right” sides.


Line up all the edges and pin them together matching side seams and centers. I suggest putting the seam of the waistband at the center back since you won’t have an “inside” to hide a tag showing which side is back/front when you wear it.

Sew the layers together.

Pull the inside skirt (grey) out. Now you should see the waistband sewn on both sides in between the skirt layers. (Pic on left shows top of waistband pushed to the right. Pic on right shows top of waistband pushed to the left.)


Hem each skirt separately. It is important to make sure your hems are the same width so that the bottom skirt doesn’t hang out below the top skirt when you wear it.

Hold the waistband and tuck one skirt inside the other.

You are done! Rock that skirt with pride!




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